Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts 2017

For the Past 9 weeks are totara syndicate have been making recyclable costumes for wearable arts 2017 at the start of the term we had to pick 3 people to work with the people that i picked were Alex D who is speaker Reilly who is the model  and my self I am also a speaker. For our costume Reilly=Model brought in a old top that we paint black with fabric paint waited for it to dry and then paint red black and yellow on it to make a flag represent Belgium. Also our festival is a music festival named Tomorrow land boom. Musicians and singers around the world go to the festival and perform.
Here is a photo

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  1. Hi Jayden. It was a shame that you boys didn't manage to pull together a Wearable Arts costume as you had the potential to create something wonderful and memorable. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt in all of this about picking the right people to work in a group with. Miss H


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